Friday, August 14, 2009


I find it funny that I’ve been to four car dealerships and all have been too busy to help me. One dealer was out of the car I wanted to look at. The new models will be in the showrooms sometime in September I was told. The lots and the showrooms were filled with SUV and larger cars but the compacts and small sedans are sold out.
Just a few months ago the big three were lining up in Washington looking for a handout. Here I am looking to take advantage of the cash for clunkers and it’s just not happening.
Oh well.
Today I was driving behind this truck and the 58 was looking right at me. This usually happens when I’m driving and that was my reason behind the Canon G10, so I’d have a camera with me all the time. I did wait until he stopped.
Processed with Canon Digital Professional and Adobe Photoshop.


georgia b. said...

i really like this photograph. it has caused me to go searching for some of my photos over the last several months of address numbers on doors or next to doors or on gates. it's one of my favorite things to photograph. not sure why.

glad you stopped your car before taking the shot. a lesson i need to learn. i always think about it when i'm taking pics while driving--how surely this will be the way i go. doing something i love when my time expires. it makes me chuckle. but the sobering part is that i could put others in danger if i am not careful and take pics while driving. so now i try to limit it to when i am a passenger instead of the driver. or at least like you've done here--while i am stopped.

great shot!

"Rooster" Rick Jackofsky said...

58 already I thought you just turned 52!