Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big hearts

What a beautiful day I had yesterday. I was assigned to go with the Presiding Officer of the Suffolk County Legislature to the Sayville Docks to make some photographs of a Not-for-Profit organization. The Not-for-Profit, Every Child’s Dream, was taking 450 homeless, economically disadvantaged and vulnerable youth on a ferry ride for the time of their lives. Breakfast, a ferry ride to Fire Island, real live pirates and pirate bounty, games, a barbeque, swimming, live entertainment and a whole lot of fun. Aeropostale donated bathing suits for everyone, each child got their own pirates tee shirt, bandana and beach towel it was very cool.
And even with the grey skies and the looming heavy clouds, there were over four hundred smiling faces to brighten up the day.
Today’s photo is a snapshot I made from the event. This little guy was so excited when the ferry pulled. His smile also shows a touch of fear as he told me “that’s a big boat mister.”
He should only know that the folks behind Every Child’s Dream have even bigger hearts.


SiLa said... did catch up genuine expression on boys face. Excellent!

Mrs. E said...

What a great post...what a great thing to do! I love that little face!!

"Rooster" Rick Jackofsky said...

Yo news is good news!