Saturday, December 5, 2009

Busy Saturday

It’s a very windy and cold night. We had rain all day sometimes it was mixed with snow. Our house is situated higher than all the property on the north side of us. Cold Spring Pond also sits to our north. When the wind comes from the north, nothing stops it and it sounds fierce. Sometimes I think I’ll find the siding all torn apart, and once it peeled back a piece of the flashing used on the roof. Tonight is one of those nights.
I worked all day today. This morning I photographed Jeffery Canada, a man doing amazing things in education with children in Harlem. He came to speak before the first graduates of The New Beginnings group in Wyandanch; the town Mr. Canada came from. This evening I want to Patchogue, where the Fire Department was holding a surprise welcome home party for a member returning from Iraq. Both were very emotional events.
Today’s photo is from the Village of Patchouge. I made this image from the Fire House parking lot. I thought the lone Christmas tree in the window looked cool. I made this image with the Canon G10 and processed it with ACR


S. Etole said...

Beautiful to find such light in a dark place.

Mrs. E said...

Seriuosly cool!

SiLa said...

yes, it is cool :)