Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Frozen Cold Spring Pond

Today's post is of the frozen Cold
Spring Pond on Christmas night. Cold Spring Pond is not a pond at
all. It is said that the strip is man made, put there to make an
expensive development. Most of the homes on the strip are seasonal.
I'm not sure about the the A frame on the left, but my boys were in
school with the children that live in the other lit house. I think
the strip is beautiful this time of year, especially from our side of
the pond.

I used the Canon 5d and Photomaxtix
Tone Mapping Program for this image.


Mrs. E said...

Such a cool picture--and I love those lit houses! Happy New Year, Steve!

Lynne said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for visiting and the good wishes. Seems like you're getting it a bit cold over where you are. Lit windows in twilight are always lovely, but even better in the snow don't you think?
All the best to you for the new year!