Friday, May 7, 2010


The Lobster Inn is an extraordinary seafood restaurant three doors down from where I live. It's a landmark, the first thing you come to, after miles of Pine trees on your way to eastern Long Island. The food there is always a cut above and the fish is always fresh. For years, Skip, the owner gives mothers a potted herb plant for Mother's Day. That's where these Chives came from.

Last year, we transplanted them to the flower bed next to the patio. That's part of our spring ritual, transplanting things around the yard. Many of the plants we purchased seven years ago, when the house was new and the yard was dirt, have grown larger that what we anticipated. Or we changed our mind in the yard design. Or they spread or needed to be split; well you know the story.

This year I plan to undertake four major projects: an outdoor shower, a brick walk, a fence around the vegetable garden and fix the thin back lawn. We moved the Boxwood bushes for the shower, that's a start. Now the tricky part, not to run out of energy, money or time before I finish.


georgia b. said...

these are stunning. really.

i love chives. i love to use them in my food, but i love the sweet little flowers they get. one of nature's best gifts, if you ask me. useful AND beautiful.

an outdoor shower? you just don't see those every day. are you near the beach, or do you have a pool? is that the reason for the shower?

Anonymous said...

the chives make such a lovely image.

i just love reading about your springtime planning.

S. Etole said...

echoing what they said about the photos ... they have a quiet beauty

Hilary said...

Those are some serious projects. Good luck with them. I love chives too and they always tend to spread. Yours are flowering way sooner than mine will. Lovely perspectives.

Carol said...

I agree with Etole, 'a quiet beauty'.... lovely photo, I enjoyed.

Twain12 said...

love chives too. The pictures have a softness i really like, such a delicate looking plant with such a distinct and strong taste