Saturday, May 22, 2010

Village Snapshot

When I was a kid, there used to be a home heating  company named Commander Oil, and on top of all there trucks were German Shepard's. Not live dogs, but statues. This dog was in the village yesterday, and she was real. There was another Shepard on the hood with the owners. They were obedience trainers.
The nice weather brought the crowds out for the weekend. I hadn't been to the village for a while and was surprised by the number of vacant shops and restaurants. 
Southampton is more or less a summer community. The rents in the village are very high for the shops, and in combination with the slow economy I guess some owners just couldn't last over the winter.


Mrs. E said...

Love the dog checking out the world from his roost!

Hilary said...

Now that's an eye-grabber. What a gorgeous pup.

amynorange said...

I love this picture and love these dogs. This seems to show their personality so well.