Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comming and going

My wife and I went to Vermont to visit Adam on Sunday. I was a little nervous because of the high winds we had Friday and Saturday, but the Captain said the conditions were calm. My wife gets sea sick easily, and calm was a relative term on Sunday. It was a good thing she took some Dramamine because I'd call the conditions rolling. We made it over fine. I was even feeling a bit queezy.
The colors were beautiful on the way up. Connecticut's leaves looked pretty much like Long Island; colorful, but still a lot of greens. As we entered Massachusetts, the colors intensified and the reds and oranges were explosive. By the time we got to Northfield, just south of Montpelier the mountains were all done. There were a few yellows left and some brown, but most green firs and gray branches.
Still it's always beautiful.
It was parents weekend at the school, but we just came up for Sunday. We take him food shopping and out for a restaurant meal. And of course, bring up winter clothing and take home anything he doesn't need any longer. He has classes on Monday morning, so it was just for the day. We had a great visit.
On the way back to the ferry, we decided to drop in on an old friend that we have been very concerned about. She hasn't been returning our phone calls. And her husband doesn't work.
We tried all sorts of ways of getting in touch with her. Our visit was a last resort. Thankfully, she is ok, just overworked with three jobs and a husband as lazy as an August day.
We don't know what we can do to help her but pray for her.
Today's photos were made At Orient Point NY on Sunday morning, and New London Connecticut Monday evening. The sunrise is an HDR photo, I was able to steady the camera on a ledge. The sunset was made at a very slow shutter speed, 1/6 of a second, I couldn't make the minimum three exposures for a HDR photo.It was also cropped so the horizon would be straight. Both were made with the Canon 5d mkII.

Thanks for putting up with my long windedness!


Anonymous said...

we don't get much colour here, but, we have gotten a week of sun, which is very groovy.

S. Etole said...

I enjoyed your words and the photos are beautiful. I especially like the blues in the bottom one.

Hilary said...

What's long-winded for you is pretty breezy to me. I'm glad you got a nice visit in and that your friend was ok. I've spent a few Octobers in Massachusetts and Vermont. And of course in my own southern Ontario. There aren't many places nicer to be. Lovely photos.

Tracy said...

What beautiful photos! I would love to see some Fall color. Maybe this weekend.

SiLa said...

you had a beautiful trip, I can tell by your colorful photos. as much as the sunsets are nice, I find that the charlotte photo are more beautiful.

T. Becque said...

Funny the captain's perception versus you and your wife's!

Lynne said...

Sounds a great trip. Shame about your friend. Great to hear about a different part of the world.