Sunday, October 31, 2010


I understand that Halloween was a pagan holiday and many Christians don't allow their children to take part in the festivities that take place. To me, Halloween, as well as Christian holiday's have become overly commercialized. The meaning of Halloween has become character costumes and candy, not devil worship. I doubt many kids know what trick or treat even mean. I wasn't prepared to do any tricks when I was young. If someone said no when I said trick or treat, I, would have just moved on. Today, I think the pagan beliefs are even further removed.
So tonight, when the announcer for the New England Minnesota football game wished me, the viewer, a Happy Halloween, I said thanks and likewise.
Today's post I found on a walk I took a while ago. Made with my trusty Canon G10 and processed with ACR. The colorful autumn leaves are all turning brown.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween.


S. Etole said...

I like the richness of the colors. And hope you have had a good day,too.

Hilary said...

Well darned if that yellow leaf doesn't look like a Halloween ghost with its hands up! Such a colourful image.. a beaty.

Anonymous said...

pretty shot!
love the ripply water and the colour of the leaves against the darker background.

T. Becque said...