Sunday, November 7, 2010

What was that you said?

The last few days have been gray and windy, typical autumn. The sun peeks out from the clouds every now and then, and today's photo was made just as those clouds passed over.
I used the Canon G10 for this particular photo in the macro setting and processed it using ACR.
Sometimes my wife lets me rent a video for us. Yes, we still us Blockbuster. We don't rent enough movies to use Netflix or some other similar service. I once rented a flic on itunes, but had difficultly connecting the Mac to the TV.
Anyway, we both wanted to see Slumdog Millionaire and I had every intention of getting it, but I came home with Hotel Rwanda. My memory is not what it used to be! We were not disappointed, it was riveting, but a sad commentary on human brutality and remarkable bravery.


Anonymous said...

The picture is amazing. The leaf has an old, weathered look.. Nice..and Hotel Rawanda is a great movie..
Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I so very much appreciate your time and care..

Kath said...

Hello Steve, thanks for leaving a comment for me on my Blog. I came over to see if there was a photo of your greyhound Isabel. Your photography is amazing, I wish I could get that kind of quality, but I am just a point and click kinda gal :D
You would love it here in Glastonbury, it is a very photogenic place, you could get some fabulous photos.
Anyway, I hope when I pop back there might be some doggie pics :D

Carmi said...

My, do I love your work. Who would have thought that post-color-peak autumn pictures could be so vibrant and poignant. Lovely on so many levels.

I could write a book about the challenges of online streaming services like Netflix. Wait, maybe I did :) Actually, I write about this in my life as a freelance writer/analyst. Netflix has been a frequent topic of discussion of late.

Funny, though, I still like my little neighborhood video store. Don't know how long it'll last, though.