Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blanket of Snow

 My son had half a day of school yesterday, so he helped me shovel the driveway so we wouldn't have a

a big job this morning. Old man winter turned to rain late yesterday, and back to snow last night, really leaving us a mess. After breakfast, I got up to put on boots and my coat when to my surprise, someone was plowing my driveway!
We couldn't recognize who it was. The plow driver was all wrapped-up with a scarf around his lower face and a hood. It turned out to be the neighbor that used to live in front of us. (He moved but still owns the house out front.) How lucky we were. We did have a lot of shoveling to do, but the majority of the driveway was done.

I wanted to post a photo of Isabel in her winter outfit. She's never sure what to do in the snow.


S. Etole said...

It's a puzzle to a lot of us ... glad she has a nice warm coat.

Anonymous said...

Love the hammock blanketed with snow..
Your dog sure looks like a graceful lady in her winter finery!!

That house looks like my parents old beach house!!!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Isabel is beautiful. Our dog can't get enough of the snow! We got slammed in NJ too, and more to come this weekend!

Frank Baron said...

I think your pooch's outfit is warmer than my winter stuff. She's a lucky girl.

And you're a lucky guy to have such a fine ex-neighbour.

Hilary said...

So thoughtful of your neighbour. Isabel looks like she's 1/3 dog 1/3 deer (her face) and 1/3 Barbie (in that pink coat)! Love the hammock shot.

T. Becque said...

Cute dog! In spring I bet that's an inviting spot to rest.

Anonymous said...

i think i see ice sickles on that hammock !

nance maire

my google is acting up for some reasonn

Mrs. E said...

That hammock looks inviting. Not. : )