Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little trip

I flew up to Burlington Vermont where Adam meet me and we drove home. Traveling in the rain is no fun, but we did fine. I left on the 5:30AM train, caught a tram to JFK to meet a jetBlue 9:20 flight to Burlington. While waiting to board, I saw the sox's on the tail of a different flight. Come on guys, this is New York!
Well, Adam is home for the summer. He's waiting to hear about an internship or go back to the ice cream store.


Karen S. said...

Wow, those socks are pretty cool and your shot is perfect! Good luck to Adam and just the sound of home for the summer sounds perfect!

Anonymous said...

i like the top photo. the bold yellow line of perspective, the red, green, yfellow and white lights and reflections on weater and metal. And the dark blue of the sky. wonderful.

Melissa said...

You're just missing the automobile, then you would have planes, trains, and automobiles :) The movement in the train photo is really nice. You've captured the scene perfectly!