Sunday, July 29, 2012

TV & The Olympics

I don't watch much television and I totally dislike the fact that we have to pay for it now. 
 This photo was made Friday, a TV antenna, something you don't see here anymore. All tv reception is cable or satellite for us Long Islanders. This antenna is probably just a left-over. 
We just had satellite installed, Direct TV. We haven't canceled Cablevision yet until we are sure we're happy, especially at the price we have to pay for TV. We're not too happy right now. While watching yesterday's Olympics, the men's cycling event, at the finnish, we lost TV. This is the second time in ten days or so that we've have serious weather and lost TV, yesterday for long time. Oh well.
I love watching the Olympics. Today's woman's cycling event brought tears to my eyes as Elizabeth Amitstead earned Great Britain's first metal, a well deserved silver.  Men's volleyball is on now, the games are incredible!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes i would like to try living without television. My husband on the other hand does not want to do without his games. Even though he was reluctant to pay for tv in the first place. He is hooked.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, satellite as its problems in bad weather. We have DirecTV and love it. Of course the sunshine rarely gets in its way.

Thanks for stopping by, Steve, I always enjoy reading your comments and checking out your blog.

S. Etole said...

Great perspective. If it weren't for a dish, I wouldn't be able to get TV here. The way it is packaged can be annoying though.

Karen S. said...

I feel your pain.....but your cloud view here is priceless! What a beautiful day to look upward!