Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Cold Day

Leaves in a Puddle
It’s funny how I always return to the same places whenever I’m looking for something new to photograph. Even when I do go someplace new I come back with familiar subject matter.
In the early years of my marriage I used to ask my wife what she thought of certain images. Her response was usually “ oh, another picture of leaves, nice.” There’s a certain solace in what it familiar.
I used to read to my children when they were young. They would always get to pick a book before bed and we would snuggle up in bed and read. Adam, my middle son, would always pick the same book, Barbar the Elephant. He loved that book. I found it boring, there was no action, no suspense, and it put me to sleep every time without fail. Adam found comfort in knowing there were no surprises. He knew how it ended. I guess that Dr. Susess’ Are you my Mother? might have given his little mind too much to think about. What happens if dad falls asleep and the little bird never finds her mother?
I find comfort in familiar subject. Even when I venture off into the dark unknown I come back with something I know.

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