Monday, November 10, 2008

Carnival Beach

Well, I have to start somewhere. This is my first blog. I am a professional photographer, which means that I earn most or all of my income from the taking and selling of photographs. I started making images in 1975, my last year of high school and except for a short period of time in the eighties haven't stopped.
This photo was made last month, October 26th along Gin Lane in Southampton, New York. I had some time to kill between dropping my middle son, Adam off at work and a portrait job. I was trying to find images that would work as HDR images. I don't think I was successful, but I liked the image anyway. I especially liked it when two guys walked into it and one was framed by the colorful bike rack.


Stevie G.B. said...

good stuff...I like it...I especially like that you are maiking a living on your are very lucky.

nance marie said...

quite nice