Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday November 18

Tuesday, November 18. It reminds me of Greg Brown’s “Brand New ’64 Dodge” from The Poet Game. Every time I say or hear someone say November, I think of that song.
This is the last image from the cattail plant series. I think the focus could have been better on this image. I should have moved the focus closer to the front of the subject. Maybe I moved or maybe the slight breeze moved it out of focus. Does it matter? I blew the shot.

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Diana Daino said...

I like this shot! Thanks for sending it to me. I love the lily photograph and the Smithtown church. We used to live near there before we came here. Your Bavarian Inn photos struck me - my parents got married there in 1972, and when we bought the land here, they took F and I to dinner there. Right after that, the restaurant closed down. It is sad.