Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keep Out

Earlier today I went looking for something I need for an up-coming photo. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find today’s picture. I was in Patchogue, NY now famous for the murder of an Ecuadorian immigrant, Marcelo Lucero. Seven teens have been charged with the murder and with other hate crimes. So why did I think it was strange to find a quarter acre corner lot with a hand-painted KEEP OUT sign?
It’s fairly obvious that people and animals cut through the lot to save time or steps. It looks like a short cut to the water to me. Maybe there’s some drinking goes on, there’s a bottle in the lower left of the photo. There might be more hidden under the fresh layer of snow, I don’t know. The bottle could have been discarded from a passing auto. It just seems silly to post KEEP OUT.
I grew up in the woods. I can’t believe you can tell a boy to KEEP OUT of the woods. Maybe no littering, or no hunting, but woods are there to be explored and every young boy knows that. It’s like having a blog with a posting that says NO VISITORS.
The hate crimes murder and the KEEP OUT sign don’t have anything to do with each other except that they both happened in Patchogue. They both just aren't right, that’s all.
Sorry I’m just ranting.


SiLa said...

It is silly to put a sign there :)

How often did people put signs and fences, like they can stop world to come in or they just don't want to show the world something about them selves...

Stevie G.B. said...

For me, Keep Out automatically meant Come In..