Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newtown Lane East Hampton

My post yesterday was so long I forgot to write about the image. I went to this highway overpass and recorded some images for HDR processing when I came across this graffiti, “Look Ma, no hands.” I thought it worked for a self-portrait; after all I made the image with no hands.
Today’s picture was made on Newtown Lane in East Hampton. I was out there on assignment and just had to stop in the village. It’s not often I’m out there.
I was intrigued with the white on white and how the undersides of the steps were in the warm sunlight and the top part had the cool shadow. Yesterday was my day for white. I also made an image of an empty store space with three white walls and floor.

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SiLa said...

Last two of yours posts I read just now. And for the photographs in them I can only say that it is eye catching. The white one with its contrasts, hard straight lines and gentile white as opposite and the other with its statement, their are both different from the ones you let us see til today.
For text about publishing, well ... finally we are in the position where we connect with different people no matter how far they are. And the truth is no longer a secret :) ...
When you are an artist and want to make living from your work, it is a certain gap (at least to me) of selling and earn something of it and make art for people, that everybody can see it and have the satisfaction to enjoy in it. If I can, I will only give my art pieces to the one who can enjoy in them. God knows, maybe one day I do just that :) :o
May God bless you to keep doing a good job!