Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

I covered a fundraiser/Saint Patty’s day breakfast this morning in Sayville. It was at The Lands End, a place my dad and I used to go to when I was just a kid. It brought back memories.
We lived in Sayville on Greeley Avenue in a rental house that was between a Jewish Temple and a greenhouse business. We were waiting for our house to be built. I think about that mouse-infested place often.
My sister, brother and I all shared one of the two bedrooms. Our bedroom window had a clear view to the train station and we would sit and watch for the train that grandma was on when she visited. We were probable in that house for less than a year; I can’t remember a Christmas there.
Sayville is a nice town; it has some old homes with lots of character. It has a thriving downtown shopping area and waterfront activities on the Great South Bay. Most of all it brings back memories of growing up for me.
The Lands End, that was its name when I was a kid forty years ago. The single story apartment building that my friend Joe Goral lived in is still across the street. It’s not red any more they painted it tan. It all looks the same as the mental image stored in my brain.
I parked there with a girl friend one night, while enjoying the salted night air off the bay things got hot and heavy. A policeman came and knocked on the car window. He didn’t wait around; he just wanted us to move on. Scared the two of us right back into our clothes. We never heard him pull up behind us.
I can here Joe banging out a Joni Mitchell song on the piano. Sayville has some good memories.

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