Saturday, March 14, 2009

Those Damn Geese

I’ve been walking past these decoys for weeks. They belong to my nephew, my son Evan and I walk past them on they way to the school bus stop every morning. Back during the heavy snow I walked over with my camera, but I visualized it differently that what was actually there. Yesterday the light seemed right so I made an image or two.
This is the better of the two.
Geese are a problem for some people here on Long Island. Their natural predators have declined helping their population to grow. Geese overwhelm many of the park grasslands and waterways. Their waist product pollutes many small bodies of water and makes sitting on the rolling parks lawns impossible without getting filthy.
One of the municipalities I do work for has hired dogs to annoy the geese, causing them to move on to other spots. My nephew hunts geese in season for those that find the meat a delicacy. It’s too bad the two couldn’t work together.