Saturday, May 16, 2009

Home for the summer.

Well, we’re home. This wasn’t the most pleasant trip we’ve ever made to Potsdam. We left latter in the day because I had the Suffolk County Police Memorial event to cover. This, and having to drop off a job in Hauppauge put us on the road at 1:00pm. We hit traffic on almost every road we were on. So today’s post is an image through the filthy windshield of the van of taillights and the road map.
Coming back today, we let Brian drive the first leg of the trip. I sat in the back and read dome of my book, Cel and Brian walked about things. Brian and his friends take a short cup that saves about an hour off the nine-hour trip. So he was showing us that route. Unfortunately, we made a wrong turn and wound up going south, a good thing, but south in a westerly direction, a bad thing.
Today’s trip was a half hour longer than our worst time. Oh Well.

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