Saturday, May 9, 2009

Quiet rain

It’s quiet this morning except for the rain and the one crack of thunder that rattled the kitchen window. The boys and I have the house to ourselves this weekend. My wife went to visit her niece in North Carolina, she left yesterday morning and will be back tomorrow night.
We saw the sun yesterday. It was my big chance to finish cutting the lawn, transplant a few things around the yard and feed some of the bushes. I still have a few bushes to move, but everything I set out to do yesterday, is done.
I covered a press conference at Stony Brook Hospital yesterday morning for a surgical robot, the Sensei Robotic Catheter System made by Hansen Medical. It was the first medical robot I’ve even seen. The doctor sits in front of video monitors with a joystick and controls a robotic arm through the heart to perform a catheterization. So cool. I’m sure it will open the video game market to a whole new avenue of video games and conversely, open up a career path to those that find themselves addicted to video games.
Today’s photo was made Thursday.

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