Thursday, March 4, 2010

Phone Home

My snapshot today is a photo of my wife and Adam using Skype to talk to each other. We love Skype.
Norwich University, the school Adam attends, has poor cell phone reception. At orientation we were advised to get a photo with a different carrier. On top of tuition, they want me to have contracts with two cell companies. Yea right. Well, for the first semester, we lived with poor reception and Adam having to walk across the street to talk to us. But, winter in Vermont is cold. So, after hearing about free internet telephone we downloaded it.
It's great, there's a slight delay but other than that it great. We get to see each other and talk. If his room mates are in the room, we can type back an forth, with the video on. We love it. So, today's post is all about Skype. (this is not a paid endorsement, but if someone there wants to pad the wallet, I won't complain.) We love Skype.


S. Etole said...

I love skype, too ... it goes anywhere! {mostly} - I yielded to the law ... recipes up

Lynne said...

We did use Skype when we lived in Sweden. I may go back to it and set up the video, if only my contacts at the other end did the same.

Mrs. E said...

I love Skype--except when it is time to go! I hate closingout on that little face I love! Why is it so much easier to hang up on a voice?