Sunday, September 12, 2010

Football has started

Well the season has started. Evan's first game was Saturday. He's giving us a hard time about playing football this year, and this is the first time he actually looks good out on the field. My wife and I have this rule that while in high school you must play a sport, any sport each season. He's not happy with us, but seems to be pulling his weight on the team. Saturday he made two important plays. The youngest always has to push their parents to the limit.

I finished the Betty Smith classic, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, this weekend. I don't know how I missed reading this book when I was younger, it's fantastic.

Today's photo was made at Saturday's game. I keep seeing numbers, this time it's 30 with the three in the box and the yard marker, the zero. I used the Canon 20d and processed it with ACR.


Anonymous said...

i see the number 30 too.

seems i remember reading that book, i think i remember something about a woman getting a bobbed haircut.

but, i may have just dreamed it.

Anonymous said...

or is that dreamt?

haven't heard from you for awhile.

T. Becque said...

I loved that book! Your son is in high school football? That is quite an accomplishment - good for him and you! Love the colors in the shot below too.

Mrs. E said...

Love your numbers! And I think that is so smart to require kids to be active and involved. Sure keeps them out of a lot of trouble! (Don't get me started on youngest children!!)