Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Traffic and Rain

I got my Mac back today and I’m three hundred dollars lighter. Yes it was fast, and I feel I was taken advantage of. It’s fixed and I’ll have to be more careful even though I do have a clue as to how I broke the hinge or stripped the screws.
Today’s photo was made on the way home yesterday. Traffic and rain, when there’s nothing else to do, make a photograph. This was made with the Canon G10, and I increased the contrast in Canon’s Digital Photo Professional.


Mrs. E said...

This is very cool. Unless you are driving when you took the shot--and then it is dangerous!! (I do that once in awhile.)

georgia b. said...

very cool shot. i remember being stuck in some awful snowy traffic last winter and thinking the same thing—it's an opportunity to take some interesting pictures. and they were very interesting.

having a mac fixed??? i'm surprised. macs are so dependable, they rarely need fixing. i am hoping to buy a new mac in the near future. my mac now is just too old and outdated.