Monday, August 31, 2009

New London Lighthouse

It’s a chilly morning in Canton New York. We helped Brian move into his new digs in Potsdam. He shares half a house with four other young men. It reminds me of one of the places I lived after moving out of my parent’s house. He’ll be fine.

Today’s photo is of the New London Harbor Lighthouse. This is the nation’s fifth oldest lighthouse and the oldest and tallest in Connecticut.

I made this photo from the ferry on the return trip from Vermont with the Canon G10. Processed with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional and Photomatix Tone Mapping Programs.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


It’s only been two days since we dropped Adam off at college and tomorrow morning we leave to take Brian to Potsdam. My wife cried for some time Wednesday, there was nothing I could say or do to help matters any. I’m sure Monday’s trip home will be similar.

This is Adam at Norwich. As usual he’s not happy with me making a photograph of him. I’ve used the old, “It’s for your grandparents in Florida” line; works every time. Norwich University has a long history, and the second photo gives you an idea of that history. These were steps leading from the ground floor of Crawford Hall, the freshman dorms. Maybe they put them there to remind the freshman that they are part of something bigger, older and of sound footing. Maybe it’s to show them they are not alone, many have climbed those steps before them, and they’ll manage.

I can use some of that reassurance myself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Doors

I love afternoon light; the color of the light and the old weathered wood doors caught my eye. I found these doors in Northfield Vermont in the little village where Norwich University is located.

This was made with the Canon G10 and processed with both Canon’s Digital Photo Professional and Photomatix Tone Mapping programs.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Vermont is a beautiful state, and I’d bet that it’s better in the autumn with all her green covered mountains aflame with fall colors. We are staying in Stowe / Waterbury at the Best Western. The free Internet worked before we went out to eat, but now I’m not sure what happened to the connection.

I’ll wait and see

Today’s post is not from the trip, I’ll get some of them up in a day or two. I’ve had this photo of golf putters that I wanted to work on, and here it is. Everything was done with Adobe Camera Raw, I made this photo with the Canon 5D.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gin Lane, Southampton

Across Gin Lane form Agawam Beach is Agawam Lake. Most people know this lake from the village side. There’s a park and a large lawn where the Cultural Center holds concerts in the summer and the tree lighting for Christmas. I don’t know what this plant is but there’s a few of them at the south end of the lake. They make it look like a tropical island somewhere.

I processed this image with Canon Digital Photo Professional and Photomatix, Tone Mapping. It was made with the Canon G10.

Today we’re having the family and friends over for a barbeque to say goodbye to Adam and Brian. Tuesday we take Adam up to Norwich University in Vermont for his first semester in college. A week for today, Brian go back to start his third year at SUNY Potsdam. …my money…I don’t know where that’s going it’s just not staying with me!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Agawam Beach

Went over to the ocean this morning to see what the surf looked like. The tide was coming in and shrinking the beach big time. There were two four wheelers looking to ride on the beach, but what was there wasn’t wide enough to drive on.

I made this image at Agawam Beach off Gin Lane. I think that’s what it’s called. My very first blog post was also made there, but I called the post Carnival Beach because of the colorful bike rack.

This image was processed with Canon Digital Professional and Photomatix Tone Mapping software. It was made with the Canon G10.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunflower III

It’s another hot, sticky day, but the forecast is calling for rain. Last night I covered a concert at the Smithtown Library for Legislator Lynn Nowick. The hours before the show the library staff was watching a large storm move through New Jersey and head towards the island. Thankfully, we never saw it.

Today, my picture post is another Sunflower photo. These are the so-called Giant Sunflowers. I planted these in the back yard and the Mexican Sunflowers in the front. The regular sunflowers in the front yard are probably self-seeded plants from last years crop.

I made this picture with the Canon G10 in the macro mode, and processed it with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional and Photoshop.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost Prefect

What a stressful day, but it’s over. Car shopping is a royal pain, I’m glad it’s over. Everything is done. We took advantage of the cash for clunkers and traded the car my oldest son drives. He’ll get my pick-up truck and I’ll get the new Ford Focus…and the payments.

Today’s post is another Mexican Sunflower from the yard. Processed with Adobe Camera Raw to add contrast and vitality.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunflower II

Well, it’s late but summer is here. We have had heat in the ninety and humidity for the past four days. The heat feels good though I could do without the humidity. This is what you get when you live on an island. I’m not complaining. Maybe my tomato plants will catch a second wind. My plants have fallen to the blight that is going around; even though they weren’t purchased at a box store.
Well Mrs. E, today’s post is another yellow on blue. I think I planted Mexican Sunflowers, but this looks like a small regular sunflower to me. Sunflowers are my favorite. Processed in ACR.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This sign reminded me of the sunflower, the yellow against blue. Might be a message in the obvious?
I processed it in ACR adding a bit of contrast.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is a sunflower from the yard. I thought I planted Jumbo Sunflowers. These are not large. The two blooms I’ve had so far this year have not been very photogenic. Hopefully some of the next batch to bloom will yield some better images.
Processed with ARC.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I find it funny that I’ve been to four car dealerships and all have been too busy to help me. One dealer was out of the car I wanted to look at. The new models will be in the showrooms sometime in September I was told. The lots and the showrooms were filled with SUV and larger cars but the compacts and small sedans are sold out.
Just a few months ago the big three were lining up in Washington looking for a handout. Here I am looking to take advantage of the cash for clunkers and it’s just not happening.
Oh well.
Today I was driving behind this truck and the 58 was looking right at me. This usually happens when I’m driving and that was my reason behind the Canon G10, so I’d have a camera with me all the time. I did wait until he stopped.
Processed with Canon Digital Professional and Adobe Photoshop.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big hearts

What a beautiful day I had yesterday. I was assigned to go with the Presiding Officer of the Suffolk County Legislature to the Sayville Docks to make some photographs of a Not-for-Profit organization. The Not-for-Profit, Every Child’s Dream, was taking 450 homeless, economically disadvantaged and vulnerable youth on a ferry ride for the time of their lives. Breakfast, a ferry ride to Fire Island, real live pirates and pirate bounty, games, a barbeque, swimming, live entertainment and a whole lot of fun. Aeropostale donated bathing suits for everyone, each child got their own pirates tee shirt, bandana and beach towel it was very cool.
And even with the grey skies and the looming heavy clouds, there were over four hundred smiling faces to brighten up the day.
Today’s photo is a snapshot I made from the event. This little guy was so excited when the ferry pulled. His smile also shows a touch of fear as he told me “that’s a big boat mister.”
He should only know that the folks behind Every Child’s Dream have even bigger hearts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You snooze you loose.

Playing with depth of field, I made this image while on a walk in Rocky Point late this afternoon. I was looking for something else. I saw the sun setting through the trees and how it backlit the green Oak leaves. By the time I parked and found a path into the woods it was gone. That’s the second time this happen in the past few days.
I’ve been watching some Queen Ann’s Lace on the side of the road for a week or so and I went to make a photo of them and the highway crew cut the lawn and the flowers.
On a different note, all the blogs I was following are missing from my dashboard tonight! I think I’ve been googled.
No post processing to speak of. I adjusted contrast and exposure in photoshop.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Faded Stop

I came across this stop sign and had to add it to my sign collection. It is posted at a vacant shopping center here on Long Island.
I used Canon Digital Professional and Photomatix Tone mapping programs to process.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Usually in the past I’ve used numbers for post titles only when I had a photo to match. Today, I turned 52 years old.
Today’s post has nothing to do with my birthday or the number 52. This plant is next to our back door. One morning this past week I made this photo as the morning dew covered the grass plant.
This photo was processed with Canon Digital Photo Professional and Photomatix Tone Mapping programs.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Walt Whitman’s Wall

What a beautiful morning, the sun is shinning and there is no humidity. Here on Long Island we often have hot humid summer days, today is a blessing.
I’m off for the weekend but I have high hopes of accomplishing a number of things around the house. I’m sure at the end of the day I’ll have wished I were working!
Today’s picture post I made yesterday. I needed to buy a new power adapter for my PowerBook at the Apple Store. At the mall, I notices the outside walls all had verse, but it didn’t dawn on me whose or why until I recalled that I was at the Walt Whitman Mall. Silly me. There is no post production on this image.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A well needed rest.

I need to apologize to my followers for the long hiatus between posts. As a freelance photographer, I have to take work when it comes and I’ve been super busy.
I have made some personal photos but none of them are worthy of posting. I even went for a walk without a camera to try and clear my head and regain a new focus. It's not my camera as much as it is sitting at the computer and processing images.
Today’s post was made last week at the Smithtown Public Library. I was there for a legislator but came across some chalk drawings along the sidewalk.
This was processed in ACR and Photomatix Tone Mapping programs.