Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You snooze you loose.

Playing with depth of field, I made this image while on a walk in Rocky Point late this afternoon. I was looking for something else. I saw the sun setting through the trees and how it backlit the green Oak leaves. By the time I parked and found a path into the woods it was gone. That’s the second time this happen in the past few days.
I’ve been watching some Queen Ann’s Lace on the side of the road for a week or so and I went to make a photo of them and the highway crew cut the lawn and the flowers.
On a different note, all the blogs I was following are missing from my dashboard tonight! I think I’ve been googled.
No post processing to speak of. I adjusted contrast and exposure in photoshop.


Mrs. E said...

Great photo! I've been trying to figure out the Queen Anne's Lace angle here, too. We'll have to compare if we ever figure it out!

SiLa said...

Lovely! Beautiful light :)

Rick Jackofsky said...

Rocky Point?