Saturday, August 29, 2009


It’s only been two days since we dropped Adam off at college and tomorrow morning we leave to take Brian to Potsdam. My wife cried for some time Wednesday, there was nothing I could say or do to help matters any. I’m sure Monday’s trip home will be similar.

This is Adam at Norwich. As usual he’s not happy with me making a photograph of him. I’ve used the old, “It’s for your grandparents in Florida” line; works every time. Norwich University has a long history, and the second photo gives you an idea of that history. These were steps leading from the ground floor of Crawford Hall, the freshman dorms. Maybe they put them there to remind the freshman that they are part of something bigger, older and of sound footing. Maybe it’s to show them they are not alone, many have climbed those steps before them, and they’ll manage.

I can use some of that reassurance myself.

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Mrs. E said...

I feel for you & your wife. I remember those days. They grow up way, too fast. I love the years etched in the stone steps. We are always a part of something so much larger than ourselves. A great reminder!!