Saturday, August 8, 2009

Walt Whitman’s Wall

What a beautiful morning, the sun is shinning and there is no humidity. Here on Long Island we often have hot humid summer days, today is a blessing.
I’m off for the weekend but I have high hopes of accomplishing a number of things around the house. I’m sure at the end of the day I’ll have wished I were working!
Today’s picture post I made yesterday. I needed to buy a new power adapter for my PowerBook at the Apple Store. At the mall, I notices the outside walls all had verse, but it didn’t dawn on me whose or why until I recalled that I was at the Walt Whitman Mall. Silly me. There is no post production on this image.


Mrs. E said...

Very cool. Walt Whitman has a wall? This ol' English teacher loves Whitman. I really need to head East to see where all my favorites lived!

georgia b. said...

i love photos of words--on walls, in books. it doesn't matter. i just love the way it looks, especially if taken with a cool perspective like this one. this reminds me i need to take more writing/text photos. especially since i really love type, fonts and typography.