Friday, December 21, 2012

Heart of December

 I haven't been here in a while. Busy at work, holiday stuff and lack of motivation on my part. We purchased some of these ornamental vegetables from the school class fundraiser to brighten up the winter yard, and they did just that.
Last night the students from our high school held a candlelight vigil at the park. The names of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary school were read and the choir sang Amazing Grace. Today, at the request of the Sandy Hook PTA,  these students are making snow flakes to decorate the halls of a building that will become the new school for Sandy Hook. No words, just lots of glitter and sparkle. They want the stark hallways transformed into a cheerful happy environment. Here's the address if you want to help:

Connecticut PTSA 

60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103

Hamden, CT 06514

Here's a link explaining it.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Autumn Montauk Daisy

Montauk Daisies spread like weeds. And mine all look very unruly. This one I moved last spring. It's the first time I've seen this magnificent autumn color. None of the rest of them looked this good.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Southampton Village Parade of Lights

Southampton Village goes all out to kick off the Christmas shopping season. It includes the local fire department's competing in a parade of lights, a tree lighting and of course, the big guy himself. That's village hall in the background.

Outside Stevenson's Toy Store a young boy window shops. People come early to the village to eat and shop before the parade.
Window shopping is not limited by age. My sister-in-law enjoying looking at some bracelets.
A Jazzy Saxophone fills the corner with carols.

The start of the parade.

My interpretation of the parade of lights.
These girls in white were the cutest. 

The tree all lit-up!