Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunflower III

It’s another hot, sticky day, but the forecast is calling for rain. Last night I covered a concert at the Smithtown Library for Legislator Lynn Nowick. The hours before the show the library staff was watching a large storm move through New Jersey and head towards the island. Thankfully, we never saw it.

Today, my picture post is another Sunflower photo. These are the so-called Giant Sunflowers. I planted these in the back yard and the Mexican Sunflowers in the front. The regular sunflowers in the front yard are probably self-seeded plants from last years crop.

I made this picture with the Canon G10 in the macro mode, and processed it with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional and Photoshop.


Mrs. E said...

Are you sure you're not a midwesterner?? : ) We're enjoying cool temperatures here, but if we blink that just might change!

Everything & Anything Else said...
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Angel C. said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!

georgia b. said...

never seen a sunflower unopened like this. just as beautiful as one that has bloomed, i think!