Friday, June 5, 2009

June 4, 2009

Today’s photo was made in Lindenhurst New York, a working class neighborhood that touts the largest village in the state. Unlike any past recession, Long Island is feeling the pain this time, and Lindenhurst is no exception. The village is dealing with empty stores along the main drag and the only car dealership is closing.
I do feel bad for anyone who is loosing his or her job. I wouldn’t know what I’d do at this stage in my life.
I do disagree with their sign though. It’s not the fault of the government that Island Jeep is closing. Corporate greed and poor planning are the start of the problem. While Toyota is advertising their third generation of hybrid cars Chrysler has yet to offer their first to consumers.
But the sign wouldn’t sell cars if it told the truth…. Because of the lack of innovation and a stale product line the corporation is forcing us to close……..
It’s always easier to blame someone else.

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