Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainy night drive home

While driving home from a scholarship awards ceremony last night I was looking for subject for my sorely neglected blog. With the inspiration of Patti Griffin’s “When it don’t come easy,” I made this image.
There’s a stretch of highway between that travels through the Pine Barrens that a bit scary, especially back in the days before mobile and cell phones. This image was made there with a Canon G10.
There was some reflection at the bottom of the frame from taillights reflection in my windshield that I cloned out. No other post production was used.
Thanks Patti for the inspiration. Impossible dream is an excellent CD.

1 comment:

SiLa said...

Thanks Steve for this fantastic photography :)
I admit, I didn't visit your blog for couple of days and in that period you posted so much worth looking!
But this one is my favorite :)