Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not the sunny side of the street.

I drove past this shack earlier in the week and went back Friday when we had a spot of sun and blue sky. At first, I was drawn to the chair and the disrepair of the shack; on closer inspection I thought I might include it in my series on numbers.
My bother is home and resting. It looks like the flu with a reaction to an increase in his diabetes meds that made him so sick. He sounds better today that yesterday. Thanks for your prayers, and a happy fathers day to all the fathers out there!


Mrs. E said...

I am liking your numbers photos! And I am so glad the brother is doing better. I'm wondering what the chair is doing out front?? Comfortable reading spot? : )

SiLa said...

Hi Steve, I'm happy that your brother feel better.
Today I posted one photo with an old chair. It looks we have similar interest :)