Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boxcar Latch
I made this image on October 11th at a loading platform in Medford, New York. I love rust, the color the texture, even the idea of rust. How weather oxidizes metals and changes the way they look and feel. Not unlike the weathered snow fence. This was shot as a HDR composite but I still lost detail inside the boxcar. I like the emptiness to the right,the negative space.
I went to the Parrish Art Museum Sunday and saw the Modern Photographs: The Machine, the Body and the City. Great show, but I wasn't happy with the way the Parrish labeled the art. The first room had the information posted at the beginning of the grouping. Every time someone wanted to see who made the photograph or the name of the photograph they needed to walk back in front of someone else viewing the show. The second room had each separate photograph labeled. It was inspirational to see some of the work.
Photo blogging is not easy. I made a self portrait today, but wasn't pleased with what I saved. Back to the drawing board.

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