Friday, November 28, 2008

A little rust around the edges.

The Day After
After a day with family and good food, it’s nice to have a rest. I’m not one to run out at four in the morning to try and get some limited quantity loss-leader item. We did that once for some hand-held video games for the boys. The three games have been sitting on my workbench for two or three years. The boys don’t play them anymore.
We live in this disposable world and society plays on us to keep up with the Jones.’
This photograph was made in October. I was on a job, early as usually, so I want for a walk. This was one of the images that I made from this walk.
In my high school photography class, years ago, I made a similar image of a front grill of a Mack truck. It reminded me of my dad. He has this flat face that has a Mack style to it. This is really a complement. He’s a manly, man.

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