Sunday, May 24, 2009


I had some time to burn Friday morning in-between getting a flat tire fixed and an assignment in Riverhead. I spent the hour looking at art at the East End Arts Council and at another small shop that was primarily a frame store with the work of local artists on display.
Riverhead’s downtown has suffered greatly over the years and the new economic down isn’t helping. Some of the buildings are being renovated as apartments. That sounds like a great idea to me. Long Island has a shortage of affordable housing and I find Riverhead attractive.
Somewhere in its past, they tried to make Riverhead an artist community. There were offers of low cost studio/apartment co-ops. There were a few art galleries that opened and closed. And one of the coolest places, the East End Coffee Shop just closed its doors this year sighting the lack of foot-traffic and the number of vacant stores as the major problems.
Today’s pictures are from my walk around this quaint but vacant village. I love the couple on the boat. There’s still a lot of to see in Riverhead, the Atlantis Aquarium, the Suffolk Community College Culinary Arts center, the above-mentioned East End Arts Council and the painted ally ways, which these images are from.

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