Thursday, November 26, 2009

52 and Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I am most grateful that my family is home and safe. This morning or local newspaper has an article about a young man from SUNY Potsdam, Brian’s school, who was killed when coming home for Thanksgiving break. The car he was in flipped over. All three students in the car were from Long Island.
I can’t image the pain that family is feeling today. I try to teach my boys to be independent and to try and find their own way home. I feel blessed that Brian got a ride and made it back safely.
My prayers go out to the Spencer family.


S. Etole said...

some days make us more aware of all we have to be thankful for don't they ... prayer go out to this family. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.

georgia b. said...

wow. it's amazing how a tragic story like that can make you feel so silly for ever complaining about anything at all. i was miffed that my family did not want to play the game that i brought at thanksgiving and chose another game instead. then i read something like this, and i feel downright wrong for letting such an insignificant thing bother me when all around me is safe and healthy and blessed.

that said, i'm glad you pass on your wise outlook to your sons. and i'm glad you had a good thanksgiving and that you and yours is safe and happy.