Monday, January 18, 2010

Connetquot River

It rained all night and a few hours into early morning. Most of the snow here is gone, but that's ok. It was looked dirty.
So today's post is from the frozen Connetquot River of a snow covered stump. I made this shot at the beginning of last week. I'm sure it looks different today, the canal by my house is all broken up ice. It looked like it would make an interesting photo, but I didn't have time today to stop. I worked in the morning, and this afternoon we went and saw Avatar in 3D. Great special effects and an interesting story. I liked it a lot. We drove Evan and three of his friends, we all were impressed.


Mrs. E said...

My daughter loved that movie, too. I still need to see it!

The snow on that stump is wonderful!

S. Etole said...

It looks kind of like an alligator head sticking up ... well, sorta :)

Hilary said...

Beautiful textures in this photo. And colour. I occasionally find things frozen in our local pond. They beg to be photographed.