Saturday, January 2, 2010

Isabel turns nine.

If it wasn't for the tattoo in her ear, we would know when Isabel was born. Both ears have tattoos, one is a serial number given to all greyhounds and the other is her date of birth and litter order.
Here she is not looking happy, she doesn't like photographs, the cold or snow. It's snowing and I'm trying to get a photo of her, two out of three of things that annoy her the most.
We adopted Isabel in 2003, she was two years old and came from a track in Seabrook New Hampshire. She didn't know how to go up or down steps and she ate really fast, both of which she has overcome.
She's a real mush and loves people.


Mrs. E said...

I've heard greyhounds make great pets. Those eyes!!!

S. Etole said...

Such sad, but trusting eyes.

Hilary said...

Yeah, those eyes have it. :)

Lynne said...

What a lovely photo! I showed it to my husband, he thinks Isabel is definitly saying she doesn't want to be photographed.
You asked about ours, no they don't like the cold. Jewel especially feels the cold and if we stand in the cold she shivers, so we have to keep moving. She's wearing two coats when she goes out at the moment. But they all like the snow especially Jewel, she loves it. If you were to track back on my blog to last winter you would see photos of them enjoying the snow in Sweden.
Isabel looks an absolute treasure.

Lady Guru said...

hi Steve,
so great reconnecting with you after all these years. i see you adopted a greyhound!! we lost Zoe, our beloved ex-racer back in 1998. she was only 8 and had diabetes. we never had the heart to try to replace her, she was irreplaceable! thanks for sharing Isabel's birthday with us - a belated happy birthday!