Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Flag

Flying American flags in front of gas stations is fairly common here on Long Island. I don't really understand it, there's little American at most gas stations. This one at least does auto repairs and is not just a convenient store and filling station.

Many gas stations around here are run by foreigners, mostly Turkish, and probably grossly underpaid. The station across from my house has a man that seems to be there twenty-four seven. When we were building our house I'd stop there for coffee a few times a day, he was always there.

This gas station is in Ridge. I was waiting for a parade an thought this was visual pollution and a misuse of our flag. Our flag should not be used as a sales tool.


Mrs. E said...
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Mrs. E said...

That's when you want to holler "uncle!" Good grief! Enough is enough.

Frank Baron said...

It does seem to be a bit of overkill. Maybe the owner won the flags in a contest.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what betsy ross would think?

probably glad whe didn't have to sew them all by hand.