Wednesday, January 7, 2009

All Worn out.

Two days in a row, back to back work. This doesn’t happen often, it doesn’t given me much time to myself. It’s almost six and I have about 45 minutes before my next gig, I’ll use this time to put together my next post. This is one of the wonderful benefits to a laptop. On occasion I’ve completed jobs in the car, even burnt the CD.
I’ve been thinking lately about how secure I am at what I do. Most of my work comes from one of two places. I’m having a “putting all my eggs in one basket” anxiety. I know it’s all driven by the state of the economy, but it still works me up. In a way, it good to worry a little, it keeps you on you toes.
Today’s picture is a self-portrait from the old Oldsmobile images I made on Sunday. I was fooling around with it and made it black & white. There’s a digital advantage, black & white and color both on the safe frame.

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Ruxandra Nastase said...

Thank you a lot for your appreciation!