Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Today is the last day before we’re back to some sort of routine. The workweek starts off very busy for me, unusual for January. The rest of the month looks light.
I want to build an entertainment cabinet. Every winter, during the slow season, I try to harness my creative energy and do something different. I started a mechanical drawing yesterday, but I think I need to change it.
It looks beautiful today, crisp blue shy and plenty of sunshine. Maybe I can get down to the ocean again for my walk.
Today’s image is a request from fellow blogger Lidiji for one of the Oldsmobile images. You should check out her black and white imagery @ Very talented.
I made this image from a low angle to eliminate the busy background and emphasize the long lines of the hood. I also liked the headlight, which I dodged a bit to make lighter.

1 comment:

SiLa said...

Wow! Thnx Steve!
The angle give so much to this photo.