Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red For Everyone

Today’s photo is the product of a long week and another busy day. Things are getting back to normal.
Making a photo every day for the blog is a great exercise for me. It forces me to look at different things and not just make photographs because it’s my living. It brings me back to when I first fell in love with photography.
I made this image on the way home yesterday. I loved the way the red light looked against the blue sky, so I pulled into a parking lot and made a couple of images. It just reminds me everyone needs to stop.


SiLa said...

How often business distract us from our true core! I'm glade that you remember that feeling from the beginning of yours first falling in love with photography.

Laura Jayne said...

That glow of red is so powerful against the dark blue. Really like this photograph.

Laura Jayne said...

If you are ever interested would love to include your work at Pictures, Poetry & Prose... this one would make a good prompt I think. As would several other beautiful and interesting images of yours.