Monday, February 1, 2010

Bananas in the Window

Having a camera with live-view is very cool. It's one of those features that grew on me, I had no idea how I was going to use it.
Back in the days of film, I'd look at a subject, determine how it was lit, back-lighting, side-lighting etc., and set my exposure accordingly. Many times I would bracket my exposure, that's when a photographer makes a few frames of a scene using different exposures. Maybe one the camera meter recommended, one over-exposing the scene and one underexposing the scene or a half stop over and a full stop over. So a roll of 36 exposure film could of have varying exposures of 12 photos on it.Live view show you exposure before and sometimes it's just great.
This photo of bananas on the window sill is a perfect example. I was sitting on the couch reading and glanced up into the kitchen. I noticed the bananas on the sill and how they were back-lite. The lines of light were very intriguing even sensuous.
I picked up the Canon G10 and looked at the screen in live-view. The exposure was set for the shadows and the hi-lights were blown out, rendered white. It's so much easier now to get what your looking for. Sometimes the right exposure is not the metered exposure.



ms Givens said...

It looks like they are standing in line waiting on concert tickets. :)

S. Etole said...

your explanation covers some things I have wondered about ... that's the most interesting photo of bananas I've seen!

Mrs. E said...

Yep, I always learn a thing or two when I come by here. Love what you did with this!

SiLa said...

coooool :)
this frames you use, i think it is a good choice

georgia b. said...

so neat!

i remember being encouraged by our teacher in a photography seminar to try auto, under and over exposures of the same shot.i usually don't, but this photo makes me want to experiment more with that.

Rebecca said...

I love this kind of shot, the curves and lighting. Thanks for stopping by my blog.