Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Under The Radar

I made today’s image up in Calverton. I’ve driven past this place hundreds of times and even seen it in another photographer’s images. I’ve always wondered what it was. Open fields and no trespassing signs surround it. As usual my curiosity got the best of me and today I went to take a closer look.
It’s a radar devise for the FAA. It looks so threatening.
Back in high school I made a photo essay on things that scare children. Most of the items I photographed were tall and ominous. Back then we always used black and white film, so I converted this image to grayscale.
Had I known about this place back then, it would have been included in that essay.
But it’s just a radar devise to guide commuter air traffic.

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SiLa said...

it reminds me on movies about aliens :)

i like it