Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

Well the weatherman was right we got snow, lots of snow. With the whipping winds, we had snowdrifts twenty inches high and none at all on our deck or patio. With the help of my wife and the boys we got the driveway so it is passable. The snow blower they gave me for Christmas 07 came in handy in getting the volume down to a manageable height. But it’s still backbreaking work to do a 250-foot driveway.
We dressed Isabel in her sweatshirt and coat and she had a blast in the snow…for a little while anyway. She looked cold so I put her back in the house. She cried and cried and cried as we shoveled snow. She always wants to be wherever we are.
When we finished and were getting ready to come in for lunch, Isabel had to come out, this time without getting dressed.

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SiLa said...

New look on your site!
Wow, a lot of snow you've got! I thought it is over for this Winter?!