Friday, October 2, 2009

Sayville Diner

I had an assignment in Sayville tonight and to save on the mileage, I decided to eat at the Sayville Diner. What’s so special about this place is that I used to frequent this place about thirty years ago. This was the small village diner that we went to after a night on the town. I’m sure we were thrown out once or twice for being too loud.

They redid the place with a retro look, which I found a bit funny. It didn’t look like this thirty years ago.

The Greek Salad I ordered was very good, and too large for me to finish.

Today’s picture is of the diner rendered in grey scale. The image was made with the Canon G10 and processed with both Canon Digital Photo Professional and Photoshop.

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Mrs. E said...

I love this in black & white!