Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lawn signs don't vote!

This past week someone took two political lawn signs I posted at the end of my driveway and tossed them in the woods. It annoyed me, no it really pissed me off. Whether or not you agree or disagree with my candidate, I have the right to show my support by displaying a lawn sign on my property.

By removing my lawn sign did you think I'll change my opinion? Oh, look my lawn signs are gone I'll have to vote the other way.

Do you think that by removing lawn signs other voters are swayed? You must believe that people vote based on the number of lawn signs they see. What, if they don't see my lawn signs maybe your candidate wins another vote.

Or is it that you just don't believe your candidate is strong enough on the issues and people shouldn't be aware there's another person running for their seat.

The truth of the matter is I too hate lawn signs. Mostly because people put them along highways and roadsides, nowhere near their homes.

I think lawn signs should be restricted to individual lawns and any found on any municipal property should be discarded as soon as it is seen. After all, aren't they for supporters to show their support.

When you see a lawn sign in the middle of a divided highway what's that say? It tells me that a particular candidate doesn't have a lot of supporters or they aren't very good money managers and purchased too many signs. Not too good either way.

Sorry for venting about my lawn signs. But is my right to show my support if I desire.

Back to the blog, today's photo is of the ornamental grass by my back door, made with the Canon 5d and processed with ACR. I love making images of this plant.


Likovnjaci Zabok said...

What a beautiful picture!

SiLa said...

ups, sorry... I leave you a comment with different user name :D
i run another blog for my art society, and i didn't shift users.

Mrs. E said...

That pictures is amazing!

I have begun to hate politics--and how they divide us and bring out the worst in human nature. I guess they have always been like this, but our media and 24 hour news definitely fuels the hatred and anger to a new level.

S. Etole said...

The quietness of this is beautiful.

georgia b. said...

i know what you mean. i get so annoyed by the lawn signs on the streets in town -- in the business areas. and as far as someone taking yours off of your property, that really stinks! what is wrong with people. i have no idea which way you would vote, but even if i did not agree with your choice, i would never presume to think i have the right to do something like that. don't understand people sometimes.

love the photo. i almost thought you inverted this shot. kind of reminds me of my inverted pic.