Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stain glass leaves.

I love backlighting and rim-lighting, so give me colorful leaves and a bright sun and I just go crazy. I as at the doctor's office Monday and I couldn't wait to get out of there. All these green and yellow leaves and blue sky were calling me. The office building she's in also had these beautiful planters by the entry and I made a few images there.

This was made with the Canon 5d and processed in ACR.


georgia b. said...


this is something i've noticed more of the past few months--just how translucent leaves are. i've noticed the way they form interesting shapes when they overlap and you can see leaves behind leaves through leaves. i've caught a few shots like this myself. and i just love shots of leaves catching the sun in general. it's almost as if you can actually see the science happening right before your eyes. what do they call that again? when plants take sunlight and convert it to energy? photosynthesis? i don't know. it's been a while since i had science class. :)

love this shot. love the title.

denysmaco0l said...

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