Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Sunflower

I've needed a muse this past week and my sunflowers didn't let me down. I just didn't feel all that creative. This past week I turned 53 and worked a grueling golf outing on my birthday.

I also needed to get a slide show of the Wounded Warrior Project's Soldier Ride up and running for the Town of Babylon.

We have family flying in from California for a week and then the boys go back to collage. Time just goes way too fast.

I needed some time to stop and notice the sunflowers.


Twain12 said...

gorgeous flower and happy belated birthday

jinksy said...

And a beautiful sunflower you found - congrats on the 53 milestone, too. :)

SiLa said...

like a painting
blessings for your birthday :)

n. davis rosback said...

an august sunflower baby!

october 10th will be the end of my 55th trip around the sun while breathing.
yep, born 10.10.55
6:18 am illinois time.
of course it will also be the beginning of my 56th trip.

i agree with SiLa, this photo of your sunflower looks a bit like a painting. very eye catching and lovely. but, i have to admit, i am partial to sunflowers.

august is time to savor what we have been given.

my daughter turns 23 on the 22nd.

christopher said...

Stunning sunflower and framing.

Happy Birthday.

Diana Daino said...

I love this photo. Happy Birthday! Your sunflowers look beautiful.

S. Etole said...

Belated birthday wishes ... such a great treatment for your image.

Rebecca said...

Very pretty - would make a great card!